About Me
type Akshay = Developer | Metalhead | Geek | Nerd;

print "Hello world";

I am Akshay, a full-stack web developer with an obsession for writing functional, maintainable, performant code. I live in Mumbai, India. I am passionate about JavaScript, Linux, writing open source software and all things tech.

Functional programmer to the core, I like working with and building composable apis for every line of code. For the front-end, I enjoy building things with libraries like React, HyperHTML, RxJS, crocks. I build optimized and scalable back-ends with technologies like NodeJS(ExpressJS, PlasmaJS, KoaJS), Kotlin(Vert.X), Golang, Python(flask, japronto, sanic) and PHP(CakePHP).

Also, I love music. A lot! Some of my favorite bands at the time of writing this are Amon Amarth, Avatar, Gojira, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, etc. Tell me about your favorites